Kids: K.I.D.S. Club

Ages: 0-12
Time: Wednesdays at 7pm & Sundays at 10am
Place: 1123 Old Montreal Road

Who We Are

We strive to have a children's area where kids from ages 0-12 get to know God in a practical, exciting & real way. Under the direction of Pastor Pam, our Children’s Ministry is composed of:

Little Lambs: Ages 0-3
Roaring Lions: Ages 4-6
Kingdom Champions: Ages 7-9
Kingdom Cadets: Ages 10-12

At CCC, we fully believe our children are our future - they are leaders & world changers in the making! We partner with parents in providing the children of CCC with the foundations and tools they

will need to soar into God’s highest levels for their lives…...and, of course, it’s got to be fun! The atmosphere of all our classrooms are filled with bright colors, music, colorful toys, games & creative Bible teaching. All our teachers are class acts, they are brilliantly trained to carry forth every class in an engaging way that will have your kids wanting more!

Parents can enjoy our Sunday & Wednesday services knowing our Security Tag Number System will alert them if any need arises with their child.

Kids - Come join the adventure!


Interested in volunteering in any of the KIDS Club ministries?  Click here to download an application

Capital City Church

1123 Old Montreal Rd.
Ottawa, Ontario K4A 3N6

Phone: 613.833.1700

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We love the fact that the love of God transcends religious beliefs, race and lifestyle. Which is why our message to the community of Ottawa is, "We are here to help".